Помогите написать сочинение на тему:every man is the architect of his own fortune(Каждый...

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Помогите написать сочинение на тему:every man is the architect of his own fortune(Каждый человек-архитектор своего собственного состояния)Заранее спасибо*

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Many people, seeking happiness, often have a strange discomfort in connection with this desire. For some reason they think that their desire to either illegally or unfairly, or not at all feasible. Parents and teachers, associates and promoters throughout the life of people cheated a ghost, a mirage of happiness close, from which many left with a bitter aftertaste in the soul, which is expressed like this: "Happiness does not exist. Even if it exists, it is unattainable. Even if it is feasible, then at least not by me personally. "
People are immensely mistaken in perceiving happiness as something beyond their own lives. In fact, each and every happiness is assigned. Distrust of the same to their own forces to prevent it from acquiring any of their own accord.
Happiness - is the natural result of concerted effort and intent on self-completeness.
Happiness - not a myth, a natural fruit of a wise life. But it should be, the wise life?
Sochaste, integrity, integrity, symphony, proportionality, polyphony, iridescence, spectrality, the Tao, the pleroma. Happiness is a state of highest vitality, maximum integration, complete integrity, making its development in balance and alignment of all parts and components that form the life-world of the individual.
In order to meet his happiness, not only to secure some experience pleasure or to fulfill one or another cherished dream (for someone else - to become president, for someone - write 1000 paintings).