помогите пожалуйста нужно составить письмо по английскому другу(он просит рассказать о...

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помогите пожалуйста нужно составить письмо по английскому другу(он просит рассказать о школе) я могу сказать если надо в школе 4 этажа обущающихся 2900 человек большой спорт зал ) и ечё он сообщае что занимается танцами и пение всего должно быть слов 100-110

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ответил от Начинающий (566 баллов)

Hello, my dear friend! I am glad, that you want to know about our school, so now I would like to describe it for you. Well, our school is quite big, there are 4 floors in it and 2900 people are study in it. In  the school there is a very big gym, and usually, after the lessons, I like to spend time with my friends in it. At our school there are a lot of other subjects and teachers, and I like them all, but best of all I like the singing lesson. And what about yor school? Is it big or not? What is your favourite subject? I hope, you will write me again very soon. 

                       Goodbye!  With best wishes, ...( твое имя)

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ответил от Бакалавр (13.3k баллов)

Hello …….! I was very glad to hear from you and to know a lot of interesting things about your school.

I would like to tell you a few words about my school too. Our school is a four-storey building,  and when you enter  it you get into the entrance hall. From the hall you get into the cloak –rooms, where the pupils and teachers leave their overcoats. There is a big gym in our school with two changing rooms – for boys and for girls. In the gym-hall we have our PT lessons. We also have a canteen, where many pupils go to have some lunch during the big break.  You told me in your letter that you like to sing and dance, well, we have the assembly hall, where we have concerts, lectures and some performances. And we also have our singing lessons there. The pupils of our school like to sing and many of them are participants of the school choir. There is a big library in our school. If the pupil needs some book for his work , he goes there and the librarian will supply him with the necessary books. I wish you were here and see everything with your own eyes! I really like my school.

Well, I hope to hear from soon! Take care!