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написать эссе на тему " зачем униформа в школе"

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This question often leads to a lot of debate among the three stakeholder groups: teachers, pupils and parents. Do school uniforms quite a number of enemies, but no less and admirers. Each party brings a lot of arguments and counter-arguments, but to come to an agreement so far failed. However, in recent years is clearly a trend to return to the school uniform dress code, or at least a severe dress code, in which students appear in class. Try to understand what has caused rejection forms and why it is needed.

Statistics show that the majority of teachers and parents clearly support the introduction of school uniforms. Perhaps the reason for this is that the older generation in their school years polls was of the form and not tested on this occasion no complexes.

And if we now propose to introduce a single form for each school, at that time, it was the same for all schools. Most opponents of school uniforms for adults explain their views are "too high cost of form." However, at present it is possible to find the form to the school for every taste and comfort, especially as it is approved at a general meeting of the class or the school, which should be taken into account even the minority opinion, as required by law to take the form of not. Given that usually the clothes that students wear, going to school, is not cheaper, like foundation and does seem absurd.

The schoolchildren usually explain its reluctance to take the form of nuisance and unattractive appearance. This "problem" is also easily solved, because now it is easy to order the modern fashionable uniforms, which will meet all the requirements of the institution and the tastes of young people. School uniforms can and should be attractive and comfortable.