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ЗАДАНИЕ:Can you say it differently? ОБРАЗЕЦ:Glasgow is not as big as London.(big/small). Glasgow is smaller than London.London is bigger than Glasgow. 1)The dinner table is not as low as the coffe table.(high/low). 2)A collie dog is not as weak as poodle.(strong/weak). 3)Autumn is not as dry as summer.(dry/rainy). 4)A park is not as big as a forest.(big/small). 5)My sister is not as old as my brother.(old/young). 6)The cinema is not as old as the theatre.(old/new) 7)The coffe is not as hot as the tea.(hot/cold).

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1.Coffee table is lower than dinner table. Dinner table is higher than coffee table

2.Poodle is weaker than collie dog. Collie dog is stronger than poodle

3.Autumn is more rainy than summer. Summer is drier than autumn

4.A Park is smaller than a forest. A forest is a bigger than a park

5.My brother is older than my sister. My sister is younger than my brother

6.The cinema is newer than the theatre. The theatre is older than the cinema

7.The tea is hotter than the coffee. The coffee is colder than the tea