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помогите написать по 5 предложений на "countable & uncountable nouns". пожалуйста!

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1) There are two plates on the table.

2) There are five books in her bag.

3) There are many different toys in that shop.

4) My brother has manyfriends.

5) I saw many beautiful flowers in the garden.


1) I don't need too much time to think about it.

2) We don't have muchsugar left.

3) Bring me somewater, please.

4) Would you like sometea or coffee?

5) He gained too muchweight last year.

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Bob has a car and a bike.

I eat an apple every day.

Some dogs can be dangerous.

I was reading a book.

We havent got enough cups.


There is too much noise.

I need some paper.

She has got long hair.

I havent got time.

That is good advice.